Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada

Executive Coaching

TeDDs staff member Larry Aitken is a retired brigadier general, systems engineer, professional coach and meditation teacher.  As an army officer, he holds a deep understanding of stress, PTSD and teamwork.  As a systems engineer, Larry understands how things work and as a coach, yoga and meditation teacher, works with clients on somatic, emotional and cognitive levels to assist them in reconnecting with people’s bodies, building physical and mental balance, impulse control and moving towards a better version of themselves.

In yoga and meditation, we will work to regain body balance, set intentions and develop an awareness of feelings, emotions and beliefs that are markers in our journey forward.  We will be working with mindfulness meditation (iRest®) to develop a self-supporting practice that clients can take with them wherever they go.

Weekly individual executive coaching, supplemented by group session, is designed to enable clients to identify a desired future state of being and work with them to develop strategies to arrive there.  Using somatic, transpersonal and storytelling techniques, we will work to understand how we construe and feel the world, and how to establish a better version of ourselves. 

TeDDs is about restoring healthy decision making and optimizing life choices.  Executive Coaching is designed to do exactly that in concert with the rest of TeDDs many other modalities.

On a regular basis we will take this to the outdoors.  We will be using a team design of planning and going on an adventure hike through the wilderness to develop an understanding of team mutual support, the direction of travel, arriving at the destination together, and what we can leave behind or should pack in our backpacks for the journey.