Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada

Larry Aitken

larry BGen (ret’d), OMM, CD, BEng, MEng, CEC, ACC, iRest.  As a retired senior officer from the Canadian Forces, Larry has worked globally to introduce new technologies, ideas and training to persons of all cultures.  Nonetheless, General (ret’d) Aitken found his deepest passion was in yoga, meditation and leading wilderness trips for those who wished to rejoice in life again.

Larry’s coaching style blends intellect and inspiration.  I draw on my wealth of experience to develop practical tools and strategies that guide people to success.  Every session starts with deep listening and an open heart, creating a safe space to explore your inner thoughts and feelings.  His belief is that true strength comes from within, and Larry’s coaching objective is to unlock potential for persons to experience and live the best version of themselves.  TeDDs knows that people hijacked by addiction have tremendous attributes; we are here to facilitate recovering those qualities.