Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada

Sylvain Fournier

chris Sylvain Fournier is a distinguished graduate with Honours from the Stratford Career Institute, holding licensure as a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Specialist. With an unwavering commitment since 2005, Sylvain has devoted himself to the noble mission of rescuing individuals from the grips of addiction.

Having personally navigated a twenty-year journey of overcoming substance abuse, Sylvain embarked on a transformative path aimed not only at reclaiming his own life but also at empowering others to pursue lives characterized by health, joy, and purpose.

Sylvain's profound empathy for his patients is rooted in his intimate understanding of their experiences, derived from his own struggles. This genuine connection allows him to engage with them on a deeply empathetic level.

By synergizing his personal triumphs over addiction with his professional expertise, Sylvain's primary objective is to ensure that individuals grappling with substance abuse receive the comprehensive support, care, services, and guidance necessary to break free from addiction's chains and embark on a journey of recovery.