Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada


Welcome to TeDDs on Chapel,
Centre for Recovery

Welcome to TeDDs on Chapel, Centre for Recovery, where healing and growth truly begin. TeDDs is dedicated to providing a safe, enjoyable and compassionate space to explore your thoughts and emotions, gain valuable insights, and develop the tools needed to stay sober and navigate life's complexities. As well as restoring mental health, physically we’ll ensure you recover from what addiction did to you, with nutrition, exercise and fun recreation second to none.

Whether you're dealing with stress, anxiety, depression, or facing work and relationship issues, we are here to support you on your full recovery from substances.  We truly look forward to helping you discover your inner power and resilience and accelerate positive change like no other program can.

Located in the Saint John River Valley, TeDDs is a small private boutique-style recovery residence encompassing a unique educational program and counselling, with executive-like accommodations, nutritious meals, a robust exercise program for all, and numerous activities to participate in. Where results are extraordinarily successful!

A Rehabilitation Experience, Second to None 

With nutrition, education, rest, fun and an exercise program second to none, you'll leave TeDDs looking and feeling better than you or your friends and family could possibly hope for in such a short time period. 

TeDDs' exercise program is a one hour daily exercise class, adapted to the level that one arrives here and guarantees phenomenal results. It was formerly taught at Florida Jack's Boxing Club Youth Centre which was located in the heart of Toronto. Designed by professionals, former Olympian and national competitors and coaches, simple exercises work together to restore form, balance and fitness while acquiring new skills. Challenging but fun, it was voted 'The Toughest Workout in Toronto' for 5 years by Toronto Life Magazine. Delivered at TeDDs, this workout is fully restorative while enhancing healthy brain adaptation, critical to recovery.

Recognized for Thought Leadership in Addictions

'A Novel Application of Neuro & Behavioural Science in Addiction'

Chris Ashton, BEng, MD, MBA, CE (Harvard)
Denise Duffie, BBA, MBA, CE (Stanford)


 Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Annual Conference Presenters


CCPA's 2021 Annual Conference
The development of the innovative TeDDs model
was chosen to be presented.


Canadian Society of Addiction Medicine
'Evidence on why craving is so powerful'



Alcohol and drug addiction take a harsh toll on the body, leading to disability and early death due to 3 factors: direct toxic effect of the substance, the potential for self or unplanned physical injury, and, near complete interruption of a healthy lifestyle.

Stopping the substance(s) in a safe and supportive manner is critical to breaking and reversing the cycle of physical damage. A comprehensive initial assessment, support and monitoring is performed by our professional staff to ensure safe and most comfortable detoxification.

Nutrition at TeDDs is high protein and sourced much from local small organic vendors, prepared fresh in superb French and Acadian style and absolutely healthy and delicious. Recipes can be taken home, (on the condition you help in the preparation!)

Five-star nutrition is combined with an exercise class designed by Olympic and professional coaches, delivered by a certified trainer. Clients attain phenomenal results, typically shifting 15 to 20 lbs. of fat to muscle in 30 days, regaining flexibility, motor skills and balance. Friends and family will be amazed at the 'new you,' fit, healthy and vibrant.


Mind - 'Neuroplasticity = Hope'

TeDDs has detailed, precise knowledge of the brain regions and pathways that become progressively distorted.  Learning how these changes in the brain develop and eventually hijack the addicted person’s well-being, comes as a relief to our clients. Far beyond just labelling it a ‘brain disorder,’ clients find the real answers to:

- how they came to live an addicted life;

- how to accelerate recovery, prevent relapse, expected changes and challenges;

- recovery of Choice and how to make decisions to attain the life you want.

The science of recovery shows beyond doubt that negative brain changes in addiction can be reversed.  At TeDDs, we make certain that clients and families know that addiction can be a life experience, not a life sentence.  Every aspect of our program is carefully aimed at leaving addiction in the past and creating a new life ahead.

Among many other activities, our daily bioneural- feedback assisted meditation, re-empowers your brain to manage emotions and make positive choices. It's fun, teaches relaxation techniques and shows your progress as you begin to heal at TeDDs.



Over the course of addiction and alcoholism, the spirit feels deeply wounded. Through our careers, TeDDs staff have accumulated many years of teachings from masters.  From years working with First Nations and Inuit Elders as well as our personal explorations, TeDDs has a wealth of knowledge to be passed on as clients may desire. Much of our program is based on activities on the land to experience nature and reconnect to self and spirit.

We also understand the impact of trauma and social injustice throughout one’s life experience and share practices to overcome it.

Clients do not leave TeDDs labelled with a forever 'disease' of alcoholism or addiction. Rather, people come to understand the true disorder, for which full recovery is possible and how to regain lives hoped for.



It is estimated that approximately 10% to 15% of all healthcare and other professionals will misuse drugs or alcohol at some time during their career, similar to those of the general population. With professionals, substances often become part of perceived performance enhancement and as self-treatment for various reasons, such as excessive stress, pain, anxiety, or depression.  Drugs and alcohol, used initially for ‘recreational’ and ‘social’ purposes, unwittingly progress to full dependency. 

The TeDDs program is uniquely designed to help Canadian professionals. Realizing that one has become dependent on a substance is particularly onerous for professionals, having spent a lifetime to acquire the skills and credentials to help other people. The ability to sustain their life’s work has now become at serious risk. 

The TeDDs program offers expertise, privacy and confidentiality like no other in Canada for professionals. We focus solely on the person and provide complete anonymity for our services. There is no signage at TeDDs; we care for no more than 6 people at a time. The warmth and politeness of our bilingual town is a breath of fresh air and you will be welcomed as a visitor, not a client in a rehab. Any notes that are taken by staff may be returned to you on discharge. Our credentials do not mandate us to report to any external agencies or colleges. We will, however, back you maximally through letters of support if you so desire as well, while walking you through the steps to safely resume work.

Most importantly, while you may arrive here addicted, you will not leave as an ‘addict.’ The new neuroscience shows unequivocally that people can fully recover from this disorder. While a dreadful life experience, addiction need not be a life sentence.

Treatment Programs

Comprehensive Residential & Continuing After Care Programs

Our most recommended program is truly comprehensive and provides the best support available to assure a meaningful and smooth recovery.  This consists of one of our residential programs below followed by 3 months of continuing care by our staff.  Expert weekly individual counselling support, weekly group meetings and access to counsellors throughout the week will help clients navigate the challenges of early recovery.

The comprehensive program not only assures recovery, it also makes for a faster, smoother journey as you heal through the first critical months of abstinence from substances. Supporting you through the early months of recovery where changes often happen rapidly, our staff will help you navigate life’s often inevitable challenges and make your journey much smoother and reach your life goals faster. TeDDs is one of the very few programs that offer a comprehensive program of this nature; as with all our programs, our costs are well below that of most centres.

Residential Programs
30 Day Recovery Fundamentals

Our 30-day program gives our clients time away from substances to commence the healing journey.  Substantial progress is made physically and mentally through participation in a professionally designed education program, individual consulting and coaching, fitness, recreation and nutrition. An understanding of the progression of addiction and alcoholism and their impact of all aspects of your life is gained.  Choice is restored and the recovery process is understood. New life approaches and skills, tools to prevent relapse and a re-integration plan based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are developed.

45 and 60 Day Advanced Recovery

Some person’s life circumstances, substance type and duration of use, takes longer than 30 days to guarantee recovery. Building on the Fundamentals, advanced education on the fascinating science of individual behaviours, beliefs and experiences is given. Approaches to safely and effectively address current life circumstances are developed through individual consulting and coaching aimed at problem solving and finding means and solutions.  Skills are practised with increasing exposure and participation with the world of the individual client. Relapse prevention tools and strategies are further practised, supported by a safe and insightful environment at TeDD's on Chapel.

One of our strengths is helping clients navigate the complexities of the counselling and healthcare system.  Our experience is second to none in this regard.  We ensure arrangements as needed and desired are made for local follow-up prior to discharge.  For those who wish to stay even closer to TeDDs for some time after leaving, arrangements can be made with our staff to provide a formal, personalized after-care program.