Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada

Our Team

Four years ago after many years of research, we launched TeDDs as the first program in North America that is fully based on scientific fact.  We offer recovery support and solutions that make sense to people because they are proven and true.  Our results and the client experience have been extraordinarily positive. 

In addition to a uniquely successful program, our team brings years of successful lived experience in careers including leadership, engineering, medical and nursing science and business.  We bring years of experience in finding solutions and thriving in today’s world of challenges.  This unique team has intersected from various careers to devote our current and future efforts on setting a new standard for care of addictions.

Years of intense research and experience with addicted and traumatized persons has brought us to solutions based on fact that work.  We are convinced that, while we were the first to adopt this program, the behavioural neuroscience of addiction will eventually be the approach all caring centres will adopt over time.  We make it understandable for everyone. 

And, we insist, as a team obligation, on clients having fun and a great experience at TeDDs. Laughter is the best remedy after all.