Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada


  • I know I came here for addiction, but I ended up having the best month of my entire life.  It was awesome!

  • Hard to believe that already a year has past since I met you guys! I will always be thankful for all you’ve done for me!

  • You are the reason I finally got sober. You were able to teach me what was really going on with my alcohol problem where other centers couldn’t.

  • You’ll be happy to know I am back to work, got promoted, and 3 months clean and off all antidepressants! Neuroplasticity is amazing!

  • Your program is like The Secret; everyone should know this. You’ve saved my life!!

  • Just by hearing her voice after only one week, we can tell you’re doing wonders with her.

  • Just thought I’d let you know that I’m celebrating two years of sobriety this Thursday. The best part is that it’s been two years of continuous improvement, a few ups and downs along the way of course, but a huge change from those days of addiction.

  • I feel like a weight has been lifted off me – peace.

  • You were right about getting past the 90 day mark, my cravings for drugs are at an all time low. I can honestly say I really don’t get them day to day – which is great!!

  • Two years later # is an entirely changed person. You will be in our family’s hearts forever!

  • Thanks is an understatement. You gave me a chance at life I otherwise would never have had.

  • I never believed in miracles until # came home! Truly incredible what you’ve done for him!