Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centre, New Brunswick Canada

Continuing Care

We are pleased to introduce our distinguished continuous care program, a holistic and after care service designed to provide unparalleled support to individuals seeking sustained recovery.

Unlike conventional aftercare offerings, our program extends beyond mere group sessions, encompassing weekly individual counseling sessions spanning 3 months and weekly group recovery coaching sessions forever*

*(Lifetime Group Coaching: For those that fully attend and complete all assignment of the continuous care program)

The Weekly Individual Counseling Sessions are meticulously curated to address a range of essential components, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to each participant's recovery journey.

Individual Counseling Sessions

The detailed plan includes:

Individual Needs: Tailored assessments to identify unique requirements and challenges.

Life Skills: Practical guidance on essential life skills for a successful and fulfilling recovery.

Developing Coping Strategies: Equipping individuals with effective coping mechanisms to navigate challenges.

Relapse Prevention Program: A structured approach to mitigate the risk of relapse.

Triggers and Cravings: Understanding and managing triggers and cravings to maintain sobriety.

Communication Skills: Enhancing interpersonal communication skills for healthier relationships.

Targets and Goals: Goal-setting strategies to encourage personal and professional development.

Improving Conditions in Life: Practical insights and strategies to enhance overall life conditions.

Group Recovery Coaching

The Weekly Group Recovery Coaching Sessions complement the individual counseling sessions, providing a collaborative and supportive environment for shared growth.

The group sessions cover the following thematic areas and more:

Mindset: Focused sessions to cultivate a positive and resilient mental attitude.

Building Resilience: Strengthening participants' ability to cope with life's challenges.

Communication and Boundary Setting: Nurturing effective communication and establishing healthy boundaries.

Financial Management in Recovery: Practical guidance on managing finances to support sustained recovery.

Volunteerism and Giving Back: Encouraging participants to engage in meaningful community involvement.

Future Planning and Continued Growth: Strategic planning for future endeavors and ongoing personal growth.

Mindfulness and Meditation: Introducing mindfulness practices to enhance self-awareness and well-being.

Emotional Wellness Class: A dedicated session fostering emotional well-being and resilience.

Family Dynamics and Healing Relationships: Addressing familial dynamics and fostering healing within relationships.

Our continuous care program is not just a follow-up to treatment; it is a dedicated commitment to fostering lasting recovery and personal development.

We believe that this comprehensive approach significantly enhances the chances of sustained success in the recovery journey.